Automation is all around us, and while the systems themselves are out of plain sight, their impact can be seen on a daily basis in nearly everything we do. Something as simple as lights turning on and off depending on occupancy, factory production systems virtually running themselves to nuclear power plants controlling and monitoring themselves many times per second for safety and efficiency.

As companies around the globe strive to become more efficient and more profitable, they look to automation help them reach those goals. Automation systems take the human error and human limitations out of the process equation, with highly skilled technicians in the loop to monitor and administrate, modify, and expand the system's capabilities.

United Electric is well prepared to help our industrial and commercial clients reach maximum efficiency at minimum cost and complexity. Besides understanding the technical details of the systems themselves, we understand processes, so we can consult with you and give you ideas you may not have considered, based on our long history of experience in myriad industries.