Motor Controls

Motors are the most common type of machinery on earth. They are used for everything from refrigerators to power stations, and we know them very well.

Motors are not just another machine to turn on and off. They are special in that they need to be started and monitored carefully during their operation. For example, in many cases, a motor's speed is constantly changing to meet demand. This type of control is called Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). VFD's present a number of challenges in their installation and use, and we are experts in properly sizing, installing, protecting and controlling VFD's, returning to you maximum efficiency of the motor.

We've been building motor controls for 25 years, so we understand every last one of the fine points related to starting and running electrical motors of all types and sizes, from tiny, fractional horsepower motors to medium voltage monsters, correctly and safely, maximizing their lifespan and saving you money.